This page will get a lot more substantial when I have time to take photographs of everything. In the meantime, rather than leave it blank, here’s a brief list of everything that I use to brew:

  • Electric Stovetop (yes, they are powerful enough!)
  • 19L Buckingham Stainless Stockpot (modified with a tap and hop strainer, details to come with pictures).
  • An offcut of a voile curtain, with an elastic strap.
  • A DIY copper immersion chiller made from 5m of 10mm copper pipe and some hose pipe.
  • A variety of plastic fermenting buckets, and one glass carboy
  • Some DIY temperature controlled waterbaths to keep fermentation temperature steady.
  • 5L mini-kegs or bottles.
  • Usual sundries like hydrometer, thermometer, paddles, syphons.

I’m currently gathering together the parts for a small scale HERMS build using an electric kettle and a small solar pump too. That’s almost there, so hopefully details and a how-to will be appearing soon!


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