What is it?

Apartment Brewing is a blog that I’ve made for the legions of limited space brewers out there. It’s all well and good trawling the forums and drooling over the 100L+ capacity shiny stainless steel three vessel and multi pump setups, but not all of us have a spare garage or shed, or even outdoor space.

There’s no reason consistently good results can’t be obtained with a small amount of DIY equipment that takes up little more space than a fermenting bucket. Brewing is all about process, so if you get the process nailed down there is no requirement to be doing this on a massive scale. Much of the blog will be focused around the Brew In A Bag approach as that’s how I brew at the minute. It lets me brew from grain, but without the need for two or three vessels, and that’s just fine with me.

More about my setup can be found over on the equipment page.


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