BIAB#3 English IPA Update: Lessons Learned

After dry hopping for 10 days with Styrian Goldings, it was time to keg this today. I was hoping that it would be ready for Thursday for my Thanksgiving party, but that’s looking incredibly unlikely.

I learnt an important lesson with this beer that needs passing on. When you get a new thermometer (like my dial one) CHECK IT’S CALIBRATED!

I checked it before brewing California Steaming last week and found out it was under measuring by 4-5C. That means I was mashing 4-5C too high for this IPA, and it’s really affected the flavour profile. It’s got a good hop bitterness there, but there is a really strong malty character, which just isn’t suited to this style. It might mellow out a bit, we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m a bit disappointed with the first tasting.

Also, I’d been told Nottingham isn’t a good yeast for IPAs, but it’s all that I had in at the time of brewing, so I went along with it anyway. It has indeed stripped a lot of the hop character from the beer, but the dry hopping seems to have put some of it back to a certain extent, so I think I’ve saved it there.

Time will tell whether this will develop into a good beer, but unfortunately it’s certainly not an IPA. Hopefully tomorrow’s Bluebird Bitter Brewday will go better, recipe and pictures to come!


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