Bottling Stick: A Small Gadget That’ll Make Your Life Easier

It’s all too easy to get lost in the incredible amount of equipment that is available to home brewers  to perform one task or another in a world changing manner. Usually (unfortunately) many of them have exorbitant costs, and are simply cast aside as unnecessary luxuries. Particularly by a small space brewer like myself, when every bit of kit is considered not by cost, but by where I can fit it in the apartment.

That’s not what I bring you today. Today, I present the small, cheap, yet wholely revolutionary product that is the bottling stick. (aka little bottler).

It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity, a simple press valve at the end of a plastic tube. It enables you to turn on the tap of your bottling bucket / fv (or syphon hose if you don’t have taps) and it will hold back the liquid until it is inserted into a bottle, pressing the bottom valve. That allows the beer to follow through, and once you reach the top, simply lift it a little, and the flow stops. Perfect to allow you to cleanly move from bottle to bottle. As an added bonus, I’ve found that in my 500ml swing tops, the stick displaces exactly the right amount of beer to leave appropriate headspace for priming. So stick it in, wait for the beer to make its way up the neck, and move on.

I mentioned above that it’s also known as a little bottler. This is a complete tap and affixed bottling stick assembly that you can buy, however I’ve found it beneficial to buy the stick, and attach it to the tap with some silicon hosing  to allow a little more flexibility.

I really really should have bought one of these things sooner. I’d been bottling for a couple of years before I did, and can’t believe how much easier it makes things. As another added bonus though, it has the same benefits (except the headspace) when I use it with my mini kegs now as well.

Simply put, great piece of kit that should be in any brewers arsenal. It takes no space to store and makes the huge chore of bottling at least a little more bearable.

Apartment Brewing Score: 10/10


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