BIAB#3 English IPA

I was hoping BIAB#3 would be the first where I could do a full picture post of the brewday on here, but the purpose of this brew was to introduce a friend to the processes of All Grain BIAB so he could see how it all worked. That meant I didn’t really have time to take the photos, maybe on the next batch.

The recipe is a pretty straightforward IPA with Target, Styrians and Fuggles using Nottingham Yeast as that’s all I had in. I also substituted the usual crystal malt for Carafa Special III, again, as it’s all I had in that could colour this suitably.

I also started on the long journey of experimenting with water treatments for this brew, very simply at first. I’ve noticed a metallic twang in a couple of my brews, and the water has a strong chlorine taste around here. So I boiled all of the mash water the night before this brew, and left it to cool, treating it with 1/4 campden tablet for 16 litres the next morning while I was setting up.

Hopefully that will help a bit!

So the recipe:

Style: English IPA
OG: 1.053
Expected ABV: 5.3%

Brew Length: 10.8 Litres into fermentor.

2.250 kg Marris Otter
0.070 kg Wheat Malt
0.030 kg Carafa Type III

Mash Temp: 66C for 60 minutes

18g Target (11.1%) at 60 minutes
12g Styrian (5.3%) at 15 minutes
1/2 Whirlfloc Tablet at 15 minutes
10g Fuggles (3.8%) at 0 minutes

1 pack Danstar Nottingham Yeast (Rehydrated)

7g Styrian (5.3%) dry hop after primary
7g Fuggle (3.8%) dry hop after primary

It’s currently in the primary and the early smell and taste were very promising, I think this could turn out to be a really nice beer! Hoping that it will be quite good young in the kegs to further the demonstration of how great All Grain brewing is!

Update: A couple of things went awry with this brew, see the update post for information about a couple of things I learned through this brew.


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